Our Athletix Combo Training Program is very popular with our incoming athletes who have not trained at our facility or with our coaches. This program allows the athletes to learn the movements and techniques as well as learn the terminology used in our training sessions. We highly recommend this program for a few months until the athlete becomes comfortable with our system and can demonstrate the movements safely and effectively.

Our Athletix Combo Training Program includes:
- One 30 minute private training session each week with one of our world class coaches
- Unlimited group training sessions each week
- A body composition analysis to determine the athletes nutritional requirements
- A customized nutritional program to help support the athletes training goals

3 Key Elements a Professional Fitness Coach Provides:

  • Education: Professional Fitness Coaches are well-versed in human movement science, exercise technique, program design, behavior modification, and nutrition. After a thorough assessment, a coach can use this expertise to design an exercise program and assist you with a nutrition plan specifically related to your health and fitness goals.

  • Motivation: Professional Fitness Coaches will help you determine why your health and fitness goals are so important to you and then provide you with the necessary support to keep you motivated and on track with your program – leading to enhanced results.

  • Accountability: It’s your coach’s job to hold you accountable to the goals you discussed with them. By helping to keep you accountable – especially early on in your program – your workouts and healthy eating habits will become a more consistent part of your life. And it’s that consistency over time that will lead to accelerated results.


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