CROSSFIT LEVEL ONE is an all inclusive general health & fitness program. It combines low risk & low impact Crossfit movements into a non-stop high intensity workout. The L1 program is geared towards increasing lean muscle, decreasing unwanted body fat, strengthening core muscles, increasing cardiovascular respiratory endurance, while increasing flexibility. The aim of this program, is to help members regain their health, by increasing work capacity, increased flexibility and overall fitness. Members will also learn how to fuel their muscle and stop feeding their fat. This program has been responsible for helping men and women lose substantial weight in a relatively short amount of time, while regaining their fitness.

The class is geared towards all fitness levels and exercise experience. Each member is responsible for working at their own intensity levels. Each week, each member will watch their fitness increase and watch their bodies be reshaped. We focus on rebuilding you from head to toe. We will help you develop Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Stamina, Coordination, Balance, Speed, Agility, Strength, Power, Accuracy & Flexibility. This is the same program that we use on civilians who wish to enter the military, law enforcement, firefighting, and first responder training. We have also used this same style of training with many of our high school sports teams and physical education classes, helping them stay in top shape during the off season.

This class is a one hour class focused on taking your fitness to the next level. This is a great class for beginners or people who do not wish to perform high risk movements, heavy weights or they have some type of physical limitations. Do not let that statement fool you. This program can be as tough as you wish to make it. You determine how hard you are going to push yourself, based on the workout, how your body feels that day and what you are trying to accomplish. Some of the participants may choose to utilize heavier weights or higher risk movements to accomplish their goals, but they are not mandatory for the other participants. Each person is on an individualized training program within a group class setting. We have CEO's, physicians, nurses, teachers, students, figure models, actors, triathletes, retirees just to name a few, that choose this program as their main physical fitness program.




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